Kodo Kids Products

DSC_1150 editedOur educational products for children are designed to facilitate learning through play. We believe that the best product designs support investigation-based activities for kids where the child leads and the teachers support their learning. We work to make sure that our products allow for depth of learning, open-ended problem solving and experimentation, and create opportunities for materials to serve various purposes to encourage creativity.

We provide tools and resources for the Early Childhood Education classroom which cultivate the opportunity for kids to think deeply and creatively, and foster intellectual, social, emotional and physical development.

We also often recommend and sell products created by third parties that we believe can be valuable components to an educator’s tool-kit. Before deciding to sell any product that isn’t directly designed and built by Kodo Kids, we first go through a round of questioning, deliberating, and playing. Only the highest quality products that complement our philosophy and mission are chosen to be resold on our website.