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  • 11 Sep

    Apples From Supermarkets – Learning Where Food Comes From

    If you ask a child where an apple comes from, it’s not surprising to hear them exclaim confidently, “from the supermarket”! Hamburgers come from McDonald’s and water comes from the faucet. It makes perfect sense. When the family needs more milk, a trip to the grocery store is planned. They’ve experienced something like this since […]

  • 25 Aug

    STEM Activities for Preschoolers: A Magnetic Investigation

    Children have a natural fascination with magnets. That’s just one reason that we find them in Early Childhood Education (ECE) settings. This activity easily peaks children’s interests, introduces the mysterious world of naturally occurring iron filings, and launches an open-ended investigation! The following can be used as a teaching resource that details several STEM ideas […]

  • 06 Aug

    #ILookLikeAnEngineer : How Preschool STEM Activities Can Change the Future

    A few months ago, we published a blog about a recent buzz in the media about girls and boys with toys, which stemmed from discussion about the disequilibrium of women and men in scientific fields. This week, that conversation has come back around in a new form, and is spreading like wildfire through the hashtag […]

  • 03 Aug

    Cool Tools : Mud Kitchens and Outdoor Preschool Sensory Activities

    At Kodo, we consider the T in STEM, Technology, to refer to  the basic tools and mechanisms which enhance our lives. This includes those fundamental technologies that help humans perform the simple but important tasks of scooping, pouring, sorting, rolling, lifting, and many more! These tasks are a major part of preschool sensory activities, and […]

  • 27 Jul

    Field Notes : Using Ice on the Magnetic Wall

    We just tried using ice with the Outdoor Mag Wall. It was a perfect opportunity because the kids were moving water from our water pump, along the path to “cool the concrete.” The children are used to using water on the outdoor magnetic wall, so I was able to say to the kids, “I just […]

  • 21 Jul

    What are we growing in Colorado? – Kodo’s Preschool Garden

    Spring and Summer always signal to early childhood educators, gardeners, and farmers of all sorts that planting should be underway! Gardening is one of the greatest sensory preschool activities that allows children to develop an understanding of their natural world. What do you think we’re growing here at Kodo headquarters? Hint: It’s not what your […]

  • 14 Jul

    STEM Outdoor Play Ideas: Birds, Bricks, and Heart-Shaped Rocks

    A Little Birdie Told Me No matter our location; the city, the suburbs, the country, or oceanside, we see and hear birds. Children spot them all the time and are often curious about them. How many classroom science centers include a nest – Many!!! Our little feathered friends perch in the trees, fly overhead, cast […]

  • 26 Jun

    Celebrate International Mud Day

    From experience we know the following to be true about a Mud Day Celebration: •  You’ll need lots of space, lots of sandy dirt and water, lots of clean clothes standing by, and a really good sporting attitude! •  Things are going to get messy – you’ll get messy, too. •  Worth repeating, things are […]

  • 25 Jun

    STEM Teaching Reflections : Girls and Boys with Toys

    There’s been a recent buzz about girls with toys, boys with toys and the proportional disequilibrium of women as compared to men in scientific fields. What began as an off-handed remark, snowballed into a virtual conversation that has many educators asking how they can build a foundation for STEM subjects and adequately support scientific inquiry and […]

  • 25 Jun

    Tinker Thinking Part III – Ramp Play

    The use of the phrase, happy accident, has pretty much gone out of fashion. None the less, for Jocelyn and Logan those words aptly describe their experience. This pair of pre-k children have known one another for two years and have been playing with ramps for about a year and a half. They are helpful […]