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  • 02 Jan

    Every Picture Tells a Story – Box Play and Sound Science

    Oh the virtues of an ordinary box, some space and a group of energetic children! On first glance we all might wonder about the educational benefits playing with a large box might garner. So let’s focus on one child, the boy inside the box. This pre-kindergarten child was intrigued by the sounds he heard both […]

  • 16 Oct

    The See Inside Tube for Construction Play

    There’s something appealing about watching water trickle down a stream bed or rocks tumble down a hillside. This action is often replicated in the classroom. At Kodo, our designers pay a great deal of attention to the ways in which materials move and are transformed in the natural and man made world. Children are fascinated […]

  • 19 Sep

    STEM Engineering – Building with Sand Bags

    As you may know, last week here in Colorado the Heavens let loose a torrent of rain. For over 5 days Boulder and surrounding areas received 17 inches of rain, 9 of which fell in one day. Our yearly average is 20.68 inches so, needless to say, our communities have a lot a cleanup and […]

  • 10 Sep

    What is STEM?

    What is STEM? Science: Science begins with questions and fosters investigation. Investigation leads to a hypothesis requiring exploration to find evidence to answer those questions. why and how drive us to experiment and observe to develop an understanding of our world. At Kodo, we believe curiosity is the catalyst that moves children to ask and […]

  • 10 Sep

    Learning the Concept of Balance

    “In mathematics, the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.” – Georg Cantor When we think of math and physics we don’t usually think of preschoolers; however, the Kodo Kids Balance is a tool that supports children’s critical thinking and supports your EC mathematics curriculum. “I designed this […]

  • 03 Sep

    Pinball Deflectors and Newtons Three Laws of Motion

    This fall we have been thinking about how to provide depth within the realm of STEM, specifically within Engineering. In this second email of our fall email series, we will explore how to add another mathematical concept to ramp play with the use of deflectors. The Ball Deflector Kit is intended for use in the […]

  • 19 Aug

    The Activity Tray – Product Exploration

    With classrooms getting organized and teachers settling into the new school year, we’ve been thinking about versatility. Materials and products that serve multiple purposes are especially beneficial as children and teachers get to know one another and “move into” their space. At Kodo, developing open-ended materials is our passion. This week we’re featuring the Activity […]

  • 16 Aug

    Back to School for Teachers

    We know that when young children enter a preschool program (or any “away from home” setting) they can feel unsettled, uncomfortable and even a bit frightened. They may or may not know anyone with whom they must share space and communicate. They may not know how to identify, express and share those feelings with others. […]

  • 15 Aug

    Back to School “Readiness” – The First Day of School

    The advertisements are everywhere, “Get Ready for School ”, luring consumers to buy bunches of plastic doodads, television character lunch boxes, and fancy notebooks. But what does school readiness really mean for the child? If they are armed with the latest school supplies, does it ensure their success? And what of the child who doesn’t […]

  • 25 Jul

    The Beauty of Nature Activities

    Summer is in full swing and we’re all spending time outdoors. Here in the west, while enjoying hiking trails, pathways, streams and the like, children and adults often stop to leave little “gifts” for others in the form of little rock sculptures. Piles of stones and pebbles cause us to pause and play, arrange and […]