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  • 11 Apr

    Week of the Young Child: Make Time for Play in Early Childhood Education!

      Play in Early Childhood Education Develops Essential Skills More than ever, it is important to make time for play in the daily routine of the child. Providing time for open-ended play in early childhood education gives children the opportunity to use their imaginations, strengthen social skills, and practice problem solving. When a child is invited […]

  • 05 Apr

    5 Kids Light Table Accessories to Buy or DIY

    There are so many ways to use a light table! Kids light table products exist for every budget, and DIYers can easily make their own accessories with minimal cost and effort. Here are five of our favorite light table STEM investigations that are easy to source or create yourself. These work on any light table, […]

  • 22 Mar

    Kodo Awarded GEI Seal of Endorsement for Educational Products

    We are honored to announce that the Kodo Balance has earned the Global Educator Institute Seal of Endorsement, placing it among the best educational products available today! GEI recognizes the very best in classroom-tested, teacher-approved educational products using a vigorous assessment process. Products that earn the GEI Seal of Endorsement have been subjected to an in-depth […]

  • 18 Mar

    Raising Chickens Around Children: What’s the Real Risk?

    Raising chickens and ducks in classrooms is not a new trend – in fact, raising poultry in preschools has been going on for ages, as far as we can tell. A new state health rule in Colorado, however, bans poultry from classrooms with preschool aged children based on fear of communicable diseases, specifically salmonella. Just […]

  • 12 Mar

    15 Museums Supporting STEM for Preschool

    At Kodo, we believe the best learning happens through exploration and investigation. We also understand and value the importance of STEM in early childhood curriculum in order to build a future where today’s children become tomorrow’s leaders and problem-solvers.  These fifteen museums (with a bonus #16!) embrace both of these concepts by promoting playful, investigation-based learning and STEM for preschool. It’s time […]

  • 23 Dec

    Systems Thinking and the Complexity of Kodo Products

    Ramblings from Chris Systems Thinking is a term describing the thought process around understanding how interwoven parts or events act together to make a whole. An example of this is an engine in which many parts work together to produce a rotating drive shaft. Understanding these complex systems takes two things: 1) an independent comprehension […]

  • 09 Sep

    Kenneth Wesson on Asking Children Questions

    Many of you reading this know that I’m a parent. Every school year I attempt to pry information out of my son about his experience in school. This usually goes about as well as a novice opening a clamshell for the first time. I usually start with something like, “Anything interesting happen in school today?” […]

  • 05 Sep

    Play Training With the Tools of Children

    Here we go again, another school year is in play. Play is one of the key words to our success as early childhood educators. At Kodo, we’ve been delivering play training to programs that serve infants through pre-kindergarteners. Our focus is on increasing teacher’s capacities to engage children, be more intentional with environment, and increase […]

  • 08 Jul

    Preschool Observations – Collaborations and Inventions

    Quite often the Kodo Team gets out of the office and into classrooms to check in with kids and teachers. We make observations, take notes and are often invited to help, give advice and actively participate in play. In other words- children welcome us as collaborators. Using the lens of the Colorado Department of Education […]

  • 01 Jul

    Stories from the Classroom : Representational Play

    Sammy, age three, loves trains. He loves all the parts of trains- the wheels, stacks, engines, types of cars and, of course, their tracks. He loves a familiar tank engine whose popular name I need not mention. One summer morning Sammy found a new way to represent his beloved train tracks and more specifically the […]