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  • 16 Aug

    Back to School for Teachers

    We know that when young children enter a preschool program (or any “away from home” setting) they can feel unsettled, uncomfortable and even a bit frightened. They may or may not know anyone with whom they must share space and communicate. They may not know how to identify, express and share those feelings with others. […]

  • 15 Aug

    Back to School “Readiness” – The First Day of School

    The advertisements are everywhere, “Get Ready for School ”, luring consumers to buy bunches of plastic doodads, television character lunch boxes, and fancy notebooks. But what does school readiness really mean for the child? If they are armed with the latest school supplies, does it ensure their success? And what of the child who doesn’t […]

  • 25 Jul

    The Beauty of Nature Activities

    Summer is in full swing and we’re all spending time outdoors. Here in the west, while enjoying hiking trails, pathways, streams and the like, children and adults often stop to leave little “gifts” for others in the form of little rock sculptures. Piles of stones and pebbles cause us to pause and play, arrange and […]