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  • 13 Mar

    Love for the Praying Mantis – A Life Science Experiment

    Growing up, I spent my summers outside hunting for tadpoles, finding bugs, and riding horses. With my love of nature, my first science experiment involved hatching praying mantises in the middle of winter. Prior to hatching them, I knew a few things about them: The local nursery had several that I could purchase to use […]

  • 09 Feb

    Introducing Simple Machines: Low-Tech Tools

    When we think of technology, tools, and machines, we often think in terms of computers and electric or gas powered machines. Many tools we use in everyday life are low-tech tools called simple machines. Humans have used simple machines for thousands of years! They allow humans to achieve tasks that would otherwise be impossible with […]

  • 25 Jan

    Color as Communication: Lightness and Darkness

    Color as Communication: Lightness and Darkness Winter weather is in full effect here in Colorado. We have days of heavy snow, followed by milder days where the skies are clear, sunny, and blue. Thinking back to teaching Pre-K, it was always interesting how the sun, or the lack of it, could have an impact on […]

  • 20 Dec

    Thinking Outside the (Gift) Box: Cultivating Community in the Classroom

    The holiday season is palpable in the classroom during this time of year. Joy, excitement, and wonder are felt leading up to winter break as children sense the change in routine. Children are often excited to share the new toys and materials they received as gifts. As educators, it can be a challenge to balance […]

  • 11 Dec

    From The Kodo Design Studio – Kodo Playscape Platforms

    When it comes to product design, Kodo is recognized worldwide as a leader in innovative thinking. Earlier this month we premiered our new Playscape Platforms to an international audience at NAEYC. The response was overwhelmingly positive and many, many educators stopped to ask us how we design and create such wonderful products. We thought everyone would like […]

  • 29 Nov

    Winter Memories From The Early Childhood Classroom

    Funny the moments you recall from days gone by in the classroom. Each winter, with the onset of piped-in holiday music in shops, stores, and local businesses, I am reminded of Mindy, a spritely four-year-old, who loved to sing her way through the day. From arrival to pick-up she filled our class with song, rhythm, […]

  • 01 Nov

    NAEYC 2018 Booth Presale

      We are gearing up for the annual NAEYC conference in Washington, D.C. November 14-16. Be sure to stop by booth #841 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools and be the first to see our brand new product lines!  We are pre-selling our show floor models at a 20% discount! Buyers must pick up their […]

  • 07 Sep

    Systems Thinking in an Early Childhood Classroom

    We are all a part of many systems, large and small. Larger systems can be neighborhoods, schools, or our  own bodies. Small systems can be found right in your own classroom, such as the block area. Systems help us organize and connect information and experiences. They are integral to our daily lives and recognizing how systems […]

  • 27 Jul

    Ramps: Unconventional Measurement

    Unconventional Measurement Before using conventional units of measure such as inches or feet, children use unconventional units of measure to organize the world around them. There are many ways to support this in the classroom and experimenting with various unconventional units of measurement can be so fun! There’s lots of measurement and observation when using […]

  • 13 Jul

    Supporting Our Local Community: The Growhaus Project

    The Growhaus, in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood is changing Denver’s food system. Their mission, as stated on their website: “The GrowHaus is a nonprofit indoor farm, marketplace and educational center in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood.  Our vision is a world where all communities have the means to nourish themselves, and our mission is to create a community-driven, […]