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  • 07 Jul

    The Friction Factor

      Goal for Adults: Introduce the concept of friction and how it affects motion   Goal for Children: Gain hands-on experience with the concept of friction   Directions for Facilitation: Introduce the term, friction, to the children, adjusting language to suit their age. Use literature to reinforce the concept. (see Teaching Tips and Children’s Book Recommendations […]

  • 29 Jun

    Wormy Wood Investigation

    If you have ordered our wooden Discovery Ramps in the last couple of years, chances are you have a set constructed using Wormy Maple. Look closely and you may see small holes and dark lines. Have your children noticed them? Have you or they wondered where the holes came from? Children often speculate that people […]

  • 22 Jun

    Kodo Founder Chris Hume to Speak at the Early Childhood Innovation Summit

    Next week, the National Head Start Association will host the 2017 Early Childhood Innovation Summit. This summit is the second of its kind, and “will focus on bringing practitioners together to surface their brightest ideas and explore opportunities for accelerating performance across the entire early childhood landscape.” Designed to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and creative thinking, the […]

  • 05 Jun

    NAEYC PLI Presale – 20% Off!

    We hope to see you next week at the NAEYC Professional Learning Institute conference in San Francisco, CA! Be sure to stop by booth #210 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools. We are selling our show floor models to PLI attendees at a 20% discount! Reserve your item(s) by placing your order today. […]

  • 12 May

    DIY Rain Bottle in 3 Easy Steps

    The weather is warming, the sun is shining, and we are spending more and more time in our outdoor classrooms! Today we’d like to share with you a DIY Rain Bottle tool that is easy to make and introduce to your outdoor water tables. Children find this Rain Bottle incredibly intriguing – when filled with water […]

  • 27 Apr

    A Priceless Introduction: Interaction vs Engagement in Play

    This blog is a reflection from Kodo Founder, Chris Hume.  I was recently reflecting on my son’s first year in Kindergarten. Back then, I’d been nervous for my 4-year-old, as he was being placed in a mixed-age class with kindergarteners through second graders all together. He really likes older children, but he was going be […]

  • 27 Apr

    Balancing Open-Ended Play with Teacher-Directed Activity

    This blog is part 3 in a series by Nancy Brown, retired early childhood educator and friend of Kodo. Read Part 1 here: Questions About the Changing Roles of Teachers   In Lively Minds, Academic vs. Intellectual Development, Lillian Katz offers, “an appropriate curriculum in the early years is one that includes the encouragement and […]

  • 29 Mar

    Deflectors and Understanding Angle of Incidence

      What is a deflector, and what does it do? Deflectors are one of our customers’ favorite ramp accessories, but once in a while a teacher comes into possession of a Deflector they didn’t originally order, and they call us to ask what is it? what does it do? why do I have this? If you’ve […]

  • 27 Mar

    SXSWedu: Fostering the Maker Movement in Early Childhood Education

    On March 8th, Kodo founder Chris Hume presented at SXSWedu alongside National Head Start Executive Director Yasmina Vinci, Divisional Director Head Start and Early Head Start Wassy Tesfa, and Lisa Brahms, the Director of Learning and Research at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. The distinguished panel addressed Fostering the Maker Movement in Early Childhood Education. Says […]

  • 27 Mar

    Flexnest, an SDSU and Kodo Collaboration Project, Receives National Award

    Flexnest Recognized as Best in Category for “Design As Idea” It is with pride and excitement that we announce that the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) National Conference recently gave national recognition to Flexnest, a project collaboration between South Dakota State University Alumni Vanny Cahyadi and Grey Waletich (now a Kodo employee!)  and Kodo Founder […]