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  • 16 Apr

    The Week of the Young Child™ – Competent and Capable Children – 1 of 3

    Competent and Capable Children Kodo Kids Celebrates NAEYC The Week of the Young Child™ Children are natural researchers.  They are continuously observing, reflecting, and making connections to the world around them. As educators, we create opportunities and experiences for them to explore their interests and questions.  During this three part series we will explore what […]

  • 21 Mar

    Fine Motor/Pre-Writing Readiness

    The foundation for a strong pencil grip is developed well before a child may pick up a pencil for the first time. Developing strength in the hand muscles, or fine motor skills, is the first step in going onto successfully maneuver a writing utensil. There are over 30 muscles in each hand and giving children […]

  • 23 Jan

    Fascination with Machines

                          If you work with preschoolers you know their fascination with machines! They’re quick to point out construction equipment, love visiting the copy machine with you, and often pretend to man the controls of everything from rocket ships to cappuccino makers. This fascination doesn’t end […]

  • 07 Dec

    “Run, Run, As Fast As You Can, You Can’t Catch Me, I’m…..” -The Gingerbread Man

    One of my favorite things to do as an educator is to engineer oral stories with the children. I love how oral stories elicit participation. I ask the children to pick a story they want to hear and then send them off on an adventure through the classroom gathering the props that we will need […]

  • 08 Nov

    Happy National STEM Day!

    Happy National STEM Day!  You may know that here at Kodo we have a particular fondness for all things STEM, and in particular, Engineering. Our own team of designers and engineers are enthusiastic problem solvers, who are self motivated team players. When you think about it, that’s exactly what we’re all hoping our students will […]

  • 30 Oct

    NAEYC 2017 Booth Presale

          It’s that time of year again- we are getting ready for the annual NAEYC conference in Atlanta, GA November 14-18. Be sure to stop by booth #829 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools and be the first to see our brand new Maker Studio Space line! Our brand new flexible and versitile […]

  • 06 Oct

    Fall in Love With Fall

        Fall In Love With Fall  Some of my earliest and greatest memories are of walking with my grandmother on a crisp fall day; we would collect leaves, talk, and laugh. I would ask 1000 “why” questions and she would answer every single one of them with thoughtfulness. After we had collected our precious […]

  • 29 Aug

    The Soap Box Derby: An Exploration of Ramps and Gravity

      This investigation was inspired by the old fashioned Soap Box Derby races we enjoyed as children ourselves! Today, your children will experiment with gravity by changing one variable – weight – as they test how balls of the same size roll differently down two identical ramp courses. They will come to recognize and understand […]

  • 16 Aug

    [VIDEO] Exploring Wind and Flight at the Library

    Victor and David, 8 and 9-year-old patrons of the Hudson Public Library, share their kite flying experience with the Kodo Flight Lab! Says their mother, Jen: “I had to pull them away, they were with the Wind Tunnel for at least a half an hour, which was fantastic!” Thank you to the New York Public […]

  • 07 Jul

    The Friction Factor

      Goal for Adults: Introduce the concept of friction and how it affects motion   Goal for Children: Gain hands-on experience with the concept of friction   Directions for Facilitation: Introduce the term, friction, to the children, adjusting language to suit their age. Use literature to reinforce the concept. (see Teaching Tips and Children’s Book Recommendations […]