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  • 13 Dec

    Questions About The Changing Roles of Teachers

    This blog is part 1 in a series by Nancy Brown, retired early childhood educator and friend of Kodo Young children joyfully learn through play. We see it in action every day in our programs. So what is the role of the teacher today? How often do teachers step in, or engage in direct instruction? […]

  • 09 Dec

    17 Preschool Books for 2017

    Including preschool books in every day play is beneficial for both the associated literary skills and as a supplemental resource to many important teaching topics. At Kodo, we use books to help reinforce learning and promote children’s daily investigations! Some of these preschool books may be familiar while some may not be, and each will inspire young engineers, scientists, artists, and inventors! […]

  • 17 Nov

    NAEYC 2016 Review: Highlights from the Trade Show Floor

    It Was Another Exciting Year for Kodo at NAEYC 2016! Earlier this month we returned from NAEYC 2016 in Los Angeles, where we had our largest booth yet! Our 20 ft x 40 ft space was designed and built in-house and featured over 100 unique products. The booth was more than just a way to […]

  • 16 Nov

    Kodo’s Early Childhood Educational Materials Coming To Europe!

    Europe is embracing Kodo’s Made in the USA Products We are thrilled to announce a new partnership that will bring our high quality, USA-made early childhood education materials to European classrooms!  Over the last few months, we have fostered and grown a relationship with German company Dusyma, who will introduce Kodo products and materials to schools […]

  • 13 Oct

    We’re offering NAEYC Floor Models at a 20% Discount!

    Preorder to Claim Your NAEYC Floor Model for 20% Off! Also, Show Specials and Raffle! NAEYC is right around the corner – a time to gather, learn, and collaborate! We are excited to have our largest booth ever (#1446) and will be showing off numerous new products, including our totally redesigned Light Lab! As always, […]

  • 30 Sep

    15 STEM Vocabulary Words to Introduce to Your Preschoolers

    STEM is here to stay, and more early childhood educators than ever are introducing integrated science, technology, engineering, and math concepts in their classrooms. Children are wired to learn these concepts and the associated language best through hands-on play and experimentation. We’ve come up with our top STEM words that we feel every preschooler should […]

  • 02 Sep

    You’re Invited to the Play-Based STEM Institute Conference

    Join us on December 2-3 in Martinez, CA for a weekend of hands-on Professional Development and play! You’re invited to join us for the Play-Based STEM Institute, a two-day Professional Development Conference aligning play-based practices to Common Core and STEM! Hosted by Kodo Kids and the I3 Institute, the Play-Based STEM Institute is designed for […]

  • 26 Aug

    The Importance of Loose Parts Learning

    What are loose parts, and how do they elevate learning? You may have noticed that Kodo products don’t include a set of directions on how to use them. There are uses implied through product design, but nothing is dictated on how the end user, the child, should assign meaning to the individual parts. This is, […]

  • 04 Aug

    Striking a Balance Between Leadership and Followership in Early Education

    This post was contributed by Diane Spahn, Education Specialist, and Constant Hine, Director of Professional Development Upon first glance we might overlook the moment captured in the above photo. Something similar to it is most likely occurring in your school or early education program as you read this page. An adult’s assistance is sought after […]

  • 15 Jul

    10 Practical and Useful Tips for Better Classroom Designs

    While it may feel like Summer has just begun, many teachers are already shifting their focus to next school year’s classroom. Over the coming weeks, you’ll be cleaning, sorting, organizing, choosing new materials and furniture, and arranging spaces to welcome your incoming families and children. Creating an ideal learning environment while working with the architectural […]