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  • 08 Jul

    New Mad Mattr by Waba Fun Now Available at Kodo Kids!

    Mad Mattr: ‘do-anything-doh’ by the makers of Kinetic Sand! Kodo Kids announced today that it will be one of the first retailers to offer new Mad Mattr, the “do-anything-doh” by Waba Fun. Soft and moldable, this sensory material packs tight and stretches when pulled. Vivid colors give this irresistible dough immediate appeal. It can be molded, mixed, […]

  • 21 Jun

    Oh My Mud! The History of International Mud Day

    Celebrating International Mud Day! International Mud Day is June 29th this year, and we here at Kodo encourage you to get muddy and have some fun! With just over a week until the fun begins, there’s still plenty of time to plan and prep! What is International Mud Day? In 2008, Gillian McAuliffe, Pedagogista and Founder […]

  • 16 Jun

    Investing in Ourselves: Professional Development for Teachers

    National Trends in Professional Development for Teachers We recently returned from NAEYC’s National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development in Baltimore, and are so excited to see and hear of the ways in which the field is growing! We spent time at this show not only connecting to educators, but also gathering very valuable information […]

  • 20 May

    Identifying Early Learning In the Daily Lives of Children: Reading the Environment

    By Diane Spahn, Kodo Education Specialist As many of you know, I travel a great deal consulting, delivering trainings and addressing large groups of Early Childhood Education teachers all over the country. I find myself in many airports, restaurants, and hotels and no matter where I go, there are always young children close by. Late […]

  • 13 May

    Our Partnership with the Center of Gravity ECE

    Kodo is honored to be partnering with a progressive new school, the Center of Gravity, in their mission to redefine early childhood education! About Center of Gravity The Center of Gravity is a unique lab school in Pleasant Hill, California, focused on bringing diversity, community, investigation based learning, and STEM concepts to young children.  “Our […]

  • 29 Apr

    The Early Childhood Educator’s Role

    The Role of Intensity In Play in Early Childhood Education As early childhood educators who work within a Constructivist Perspective, we often struggle with when to intervene in play with our questions and when to stay silent, putting ourselves into the role of documenter and observer.  What are the indicators that can inform us about […]

  • 15 Apr

    Week of the Young Child: Adjust Your Learning Environment

    At Kodo, we think a lot about design. We know that an aesthetically pleasing environment contributes to well-being, mood, performance, and attention span. Environments can make us feel welcomed or uncomfortable. They can invite play and investigation or thwart it. Room arrangement, furniture style, color palette, lighting, and material selection all play a part in […]

  • 14 Apr

    Week of the Young Child: To Create Future Innovators, Let the Child Lead

    Who will grow up to be the leaders and innovators in 20 years? Will it be the children who graduate with the highest test scores? The ones who can perform a requested task just as they were instructed? Or will it be the child empowered to inquire and problem solve? Innovative leaders rarely follow a […]

  • 13 Apr

    Week of the Young Child: The Unique Benefits of Outdoor Play

    Do you know about the unique benefits of outdoor play? If you read Monday’s post or are familiar with Kodo, then you know how committed we are as advocates for play in early childhood education. We write a great deal about experiences which take place indoors and would like to take this opportunity to speak about […]

  • 12 Apr

    Week of the Young Child: Ask Open Ended Questions in Early Childhood Education

    Open Ended Questions in Early Childhood Education Promotes Critical Thinking Skills Too often we find ourselves solving problems on behalf of our children. We direct them when to add more glue, where to put the ramp, how to stabilize the tower. We do this because we sincerely care and want to help – it’s often […]