Kodo’s CAEYC Pre-Sale and Booth Specials

We hope to see you next week at the California AEYC annual conference in Ontario, CA! Be sure to stop by booth #329 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools. Our team will be eager to explore and share our new items with you, including our Weaving Wall, Light Laboratory, and other open-ended manipulatives.

We are pre-selling our show floor models at a 20% discount! Buyers must pick up their item(s) Saturday afternoon after 2:00pm. Don’t hesitate, as items sell quickly and are of limited quantity! Call 1-844-563-6543 to purchase your floor models.

Activity Tray
Animal X-Rays
Antics Ant Blocks
Arc Planks
Building Sticks
Chinese Character Blocks
Cloth Tails
Clothespins Pack
Criss-Cross Blocks
Cube Pack
Discovery Balls – set of 6
Discovery Houses (partial set of 2 – 60% off retail)
Discovery Ramps Single Set with Tote Bag
Experimental Seesaw
Fabric Bags – 1 Gallon Set of 6
Fabric Bags – 3 Gallon Set of 4
Farm Canister
Gem Blocks
Groovie Math & Patterning Blocks
High Rise Building Set
Jurassic Purple Pink Garnet Sand
Korxx Blocks
Korxx Rounds
Lids Set
Light Lab Panel
Light Laboratory
Lumi Translucent Blocks – Clear
Luxi Transparent Blocks – Clear
Magnet Wall Rings Pack
Magnet Wall Rubber Ramp
Marble Track Pivot Board Set
Melody Balls
Mobile Magnet Wall
Outdoor Balance
Outdoor Ramps with Pine Stands
Paper Cone Cups
People Pack
Plastic Digger
Playsilk – Blue
Playsilk – Emerald
Playsilk – Purple
Playsilk – Red
Playsilk – Rose
Playsilk – Yellow
Pump Works
Puzzle Ball Track
Puzzle Keys
Rings Pack
Sand Tray
Sand Tray Light Panel
Sand Writer
Sandbags – Large
Sandbags – Small
Sensory Stones
Silk Parachute
Sorting Trays
Split Balls Pack
Spools Pack
Swiss Cheese Towers
Timber Stackers
Weaving Wall – Wall Mounted
Wiffle Balls
Wind Tunnel with Fan
Wood Play Clips
Wooden Memory Box
Wooden Sand Pencil
Wool Balls

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