20 Conversation Starting Early Childhood Conferences of 2016

KodoLogoTagEach year, its important to take time to step out of the classroom and join forces with similar minds. Not only does it give us a chance to see outside the box of our normal teaching, learning, and creating routines, but we also get a broader scope of vision for the community working toward the same goal of improving education in the early years.

Like many fields, Early Childhood Education is constantly changing. Not only does it benefit teachers and directors to meet and discuss new ideas, but it fundamentally drives the field toward innovative growth. This year we’ve selected twenty conferences we feel are initiating important conversations.

* Conferences are listed in chronological order. Kodo Kids will be attending a variety of conferences in 2016 – we are not attending all that are listed below, and there are many which we are attending that have not been included. We are in no way sponsored by any of the conferences listed below.

1.) 2016 National Title I Conference

JNational Title I early childhood conferencesanuary 28th – 31st, Houston TX

The National Title I Conference is a great opportunity for leaders in the involved schools, and its support network, to meet and discuss a plan to excel the program, covering three main topics : instruction, leadership, and policy.

Learn more about National Title I!

2.) Opening Minds

opening minds early childhood conferencesEarly Education, Child Care, and School Age Conference and Expo
January 20th – 23rd, Chicago IL

Early education professionals and supporters meet for a dynamic learning experience, including participants from administration, health & wellness, medicine, nursing, justice, social service, policy, government, parks & recreation, tech, business, library science, and more.

Learn more about Opening Minds!

3.) Early Childhood STEM Conference

early childhood stem early childhood conferencesLarger than Life : A Closer Look at Technology with Young Children
February 4th – 6th, Pasadena CA

The ECSTEM conference (which stands for Early Childhood Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) promotes education in STEM from birth through age eight. Kodo’s very own education specialist, Diane Spahn will be presenting The Physics of Ramps and Investigation Based Teaching Practices to Foster STEM.

Learn more about EC STEM!

4.) The Southern Early Childhood Association 2016 Conference

The Whole Child in Harmony
SECA early childhood conferences
February 11th – 13th, Tulsa OK

SECA offers a wide variety of sessions for educators and professionals in the ECE field, based on your interest and teaching style. Kodo’s Certified Trainer, Kasey Kile will be presenting ‘The “E” in STEM: Exploring Engineering Experiences for Young Children’.

Learn more about SECA 2016!

5.) 2016 Rocky Mountain Early Childhood Conference

RMECC.2016.logo.WEBFebruary 19th – 20th, Denver CO

RMECC is a yearly gathering of professionals to discuss, learn, and advocate for the regional Early Childhood field. Diane Spahn (Education Specialist) and Constant Hine (Director of Professional Development) of Kodo Kids will be presenting ‘Facilitating STEM Investigations Using Ramps’ and ‘Investigation Based Teaching Practices to Foster STEM in ECE’.

Learn more about RMECC!

6.) National Coalition for Campus Children’s Centers Annual Conference

NFC logoMarch 9th – 12th, Hilton Head Island, SC

The N4C advocates for child care resources in higher education. Their goals are not only to educate the importance of having such programs in place, but to support and maintain those currently in progress. Their yearly conference serves as a meeting of the minds! Kodo’s Director of Professional Development, Constant Hine will be presenting ‘E in STEM: Demystifying Engineering’.

Learn more about N4C!

7.) 2016 ASCD Annual Conference & Exhibit Show

ASCD early childhood conferencesAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development
April 2nd – 4th, Atlanta GA

While not entirely focused on Early Childhood, ASCD is a meeting of approximately 10,000 participants and 300 exhibiting companies in the education field. Focusing on curriculum and leadership, ECE leaders will be able to assess their specific field from a more global viewpoint.

Learn more about ASCD!

8.) Global Summit on Childhood

Creating a Better World for Children and Youth Through Sustainability, Social Innovation, and Synergyglobal summit on childhood early childhood conferences
March 31st – April 3rd, San Jose, Costa Rica

The Global Summit on Childhood aims to look at the ‘experience of childhood’ as a whole throughout the globe – how it relates, differs, and how the ‘human future’ can be improved as a whole. Representatives from across the globe join together for a unified experience of learning and spurring change.

Learn More about the Global Summit on Childhood!

9.) National After School Association 2016 Convention

national after school early childhood conferencesMarch 20th – 23rd, Orlando FL

NAA aims to create a space for networking among after school care takers and leaders, presenting new ideas and technology that can be brought back to their programs. 2000+ participants and 100+ exhibitors meet to share and learn, making it a productive event for all!

Learn more about the NAA Convention!

10.) The Young Child Expo & Conference

young child expo early childhood conferencesApril 13th – 15th, New York City NY

Teachers, psychologists, special education teachers, social workers, physical, occupational and speech therapists, pediatricians, nurses, educators, academics and students from around the nation gather to discuss and strengthen their skills in Early Childhood Learning.

Learn more about The Young Child Expo & Conference!

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11.) Association for Early Learning Leaders Annual Conference

association early learning leaders early childhood conferencesHow Successful Directors Lead
April 21st – 23rd, Newark NJ

AELL holds its annual conference to network and meet on enhancing program quality through the National Accreditation Commission’s standards. Leaders, directors, and owners involved in Early Learning programs are encouraged to attend for training, collaboration, and learning.

Learn more about the AELL Annual Conference!

12.) The 2016 National Smart Start Conference

smart start early childhood conferencesMay 2nd – 5th, Greensboro NC

Smart Start is a gathering of Early Learning professionals which attempts to address new research and approaches in the field, in an effort to implement the most productive program techniques.

Learn more about the Smart Start Conference!

13.) HighScope International Conference

Striving for Excellence and Equity in Early Learning
highscope early childhood conferences
May 10th – 12th, Detroit MI

HighScope assists teachers in learning about engaging ways to address the specific needs of each child. Through different kinds of learning approaches presented, teachers leave with a library of techniques to use in their classroom.

Learn More about HighScope!

14.) McCormick Leadership Conference

mccormick early childhood conferencesLeadership Connections
May 12th – 14th, Wheeling IL

The McCormick center focuses on leadership in the Early Learning field. Attendees of this conference will engage in professional development workshops and training aiming at growing and facilitating their centers and programs.

Learn more about the McCormick Leadership Conference!

15.) National Head Start Association Conference and Expo

head start early childhood conferencesThe Next Generation of Opportunity
May 16th – 20th, Nashville TN

The Head Start Conference is one of the most expansive, with more than 5,000 executive directors, directors, administrators, managers, teachers, policy council members, and parents from around the globe. Exhibits and opportunities are fit for a wide range of education goals, making this a must to attend!

Learn more about the Head Start!

16.) NAEYC’s 2016 National Institute for Early Childhood Professional Development

June 6th – 8th,  Baltimore MD

Both Diane Spahn and Constant naeyc early childhood conferencesHine of Kodo Kids will in attendance at this year’s NAEYC’s Professional Development Conference. Those who are in a position to mentor and train other Early Learning Professionals are encouraged to attend to strengthen their skills!

Learn more about the NAEYC Professional Development Conference!

17.) National Science Teacher’s Association STEM Forum and Expo

The Best STEM Practices for the Next Generation
July 27th – 29th, Denver CO

nsta early childhood conferencesNSTA’s Stem Forum and Expo has some great opportunities for those interested in Early Childhood STEM teaching. Educators from across the world will join to build a foundation for classroom initiatives in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Kodo will be in attendance!

Learn more about NSTA’s Stem Forum and Expo!

18.) Nature-Based Preschool National Conference

nature based preschool early childhood conferencesAugust 15th – 17th, St.Paul MN

If you’re not keen on big conference centers and business attire, take a step outdoors to fully immerse yourself in nature – just as you’ll do with your children after attending this conference! If you’re interested in a nature based approach to learning, this conference is for you.

Learn more about the Nature-Based Preschool National Conference!

19.) NAEYC’s 2016 National Conference and Expo

naeyc early childhood conferencesEarly ED for President
November 2nd – 5th, Los Angeles CA

One of Kodo’s favorite conferences of the year, NAEYC is the largest early childhood education event in the country. Exhibitors and presenters from all over the globe cover a variety of approaches and topics – making sure you’ll leave with enough teaching fodder to last the year!

Learn more about NAEYC!

20.) Zero to Three’s Annual Conference

zero to three early childhood conferencesDecember 7th – 9th, New Orleans LA

Not only does Zero to Three focus in Early Childhood Education, but it also touches on Early Intervention, Mental Health, Early Head Start, Child Welfare, Parent Education, and Pediatrics at its Annual Conference.

Learn more about Zero to Three!

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