Happy National STEM Day!

Happy National STEM Day! 

You may know that here at Kodo we have a particular fondness for all things STEM, and in particular, Engineering. Our own team of designers and engineers are enthusiastic problem solvers, who are self motivated team players. When you think about it, that’s exactly what we’re all hoping our students will be. You may think that the traits and skills listed below are taken from your own assessment scale or benchmark system, as they look and sound very familiar:


Team Player

Effective Communicator


Applies and Seeks Knowledge


Systems Thinker



Thinks Logically



In fact these are some of the top traits and skills that STEM focused companies are looking for when they hire. Whether or not our children enter STEM fields as adults, these characteristics are certainly desirable and applicable to virtually any profession or industry. More importantly, they are developed at a young age and, as educators, we support that development. Happy National STEM day!


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