One of the perks of working to support preschool children is that we get invited to visit schools and programs all over the country. We love how creative teachers can be when it comes to creating storage solutions for loose materials and parts. In addition, we’re always scouring Pinterest to find ideas and provocations.

loose parts storageAt Kodo, we have deep love and appreciation for loose parts. But with lots of loose parts comes the need for plenty of storage and organization. Systems in which children can easily find and store items are essential for keeping a space open-ended yet organized and interesting.

We found this beautiful photo on Pinterest and immediately fell in love! It is sure to inspire many of you to think about storage and organizational systems.

I love several things about this storage system:

  • very easy to see what’s inside each bin
  • various bin heights make selection and cleanup easy for every age
  • perfect for collecting natural materials as well as manufactured items
  • items can be sorted according to children’s own criteria
  • proximity to the sand area suggests materials can be used with sand
  • bins can come off the wall, be used in a different part of the playground, then put back
  • perfect for small items that tend to get lost in a large space

We did a little research and discovered these bins and wall brackets are manufactured by the Akro company, known for their hardware storage systems. Though Kodo is not affiliated with Akro, we do appreciate this application in an Early Childhood Program setting.

If you have unique storage ideas for your loose parts, we’d love to hear about them!