It’s that time of year again- we are getting ready for the annual NAEYC conference in Atlanta, GA November 14-18. Be sure to stop by booth #829 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools and be the first to see our brand new Maker Studio Space line! Our brand new flexible and versitile line of furniture is designed to provoke engaging maker investigations.

We are pre-selling our show floor models at a 20% discount! Because there is no exhibit hall on Saturday, buyers must pick up their item(s) Friday afternoon between 5:00 and 6:30 pm. Don’t hesitate, as items sell quickly and are of limited quantity! Call 1-844-563-6543 to purchase your floor models now.

Light Laboratory (or panel only)

Maker Space Studio Furniture

Luxi Color Blocks

Lumi Color Blocks

Wind Tunnel

Outdoor Ramps with new Pine Stand

Outdoor Balance

Mobile, Indoor and Outoor Magnet Walls

Magnet Wall Gears Pack

Magnet Wall Wooden Coaster Pack

Magnet Wall Chutes and Tubes Pack

Magnet Wall Rubber Ramp

Discovery Ramps Deluxe Set

Rubber Ramp

Sandbags- large and small

Sand Tray with Light Panel and mirror


Stationary and Toddler Funnel Stands

Cloth Tails

Wooden loose parts- clothespins, rings, cube, split balls and spools packs

Activity Tray

Jurassic Sand

Mad Mattr

Korxx Building Rounds

Melody Balls

Sensory Stackers- full set

Gem Blocks

Weaving Wall

Marble Rubber Ramp

Upper and Lowercase Letters

Bendy Builders

…and many more. Call if you do not see an item you are interested in.