NAEYC 2018 Booth Presale


We are gearing up for the annual NAEYC conference in Washington, D.C. November 14-16. Be sure to stop by booth #841 so you can explore our hands-on investigative tools and be the first to see our brand new product lines

We are pre-selling our show floor models at a 20% discount! Buyers must pick up their item(s) Friday afternoon after 4 pm. Don’t hesitate, as items sell quickly and are of limited quantity!

Call 1-844-563-6543 to purchase your floor models now.

Blue Wool Stack
Cloth Tails
Farm Canister
Gem Spinner
Light Laboratory
Split Balls Pack
People Pack
Rings Pack
Melody Balls
Playsilk Blue
Playsilk Green
Playsilk Purple
Playsilk Red
Playsilk Yellow
Sand Rakes
Sand Rollers
Sand Tray*
Sand Tray Lid*
Sand Writer
Sand Writer
Sensory Shapes
Sorting Eggs
Sorting Trays
Spiral Wool Balls
Tube Set
Flower Blocks
Dinosaur Blocks
Planet Blocks
Wind Tunnel**
Wind Tunnel Fan**
Wood Play Clips

*Sold together as a set

**Sold together

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