Kodo’s TV Debut on Treehouse Masters

 Kodo Kids Wind Tunnel on Treehouse Masters Episode

Kodo’s Wind Tunnel Appears on Episode “Nature’s Super HQ”

If you were watching Animal Planet last Friday night, you may have noticed an exciting surprise – Kodo’s Wind Tunnel made its TV debut on Treehouse Masters!

The episode was titled “Nature’s Super HQ” and told the story of For Mar Nature Preserve in Flint, Michigan. The treehouse serves as a classroom in the sky for visitors of all ages, and provides an educational and entertaining resource for a community still reeling from the water crisis that began in 2014. To date, the treehouse has already received over 28,000 visitors and hosts educational programs, field trips, schools, scout groups, the local community, and more.

The Wind Tunnel Appears on Treehouse Masters

During the episode, we follow Pete Nelson as he walks us through the design process and construction of the treehouse. Then, towards the end, Pete brings in his interior designer to turn the empty treehouse into an exciting classroom space. At one point, she enters the treehouse carrying the Wind Tunnel, or, as she lovingly put it, the “little wind turbine thing”, explaining to viewers how children will use it to learn about aerodynamics. The Wind Tunnel finds its home in a corner of the treehouse where it’s positioned to shoot Play Silks and other fun materials through a ‘Y’ shaped trunk of tree that grows through the middle of the room.


Watch Again on Animal Planet

If you missed the show, you can catch reruns on Animal Planet! The next airings will be on Friday January 27th and Saturday January 28th – check your local listings for more details. You can also sign in with your TV provider to watch the episode anytime online!

To learn more about the For-Mar Nature Preserve and Arboretum, visit facebook.com/Formarnaturepreserve.

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